With Web Development Comes Deceit

Online Review the Real Deal or Plastic Fake?

Can you Trust Internet Review?

Yes and No! How do ya like that for an answer?

Are you perceptive and logical, or do you get reeled in to the hype? Problem is, if you truly want to believe something bad enough you will, never mind if there’s any truth to it or not.

It’s got something to do with your ego, that or you’ve toked one too many times. One thing you need to do when searching for truthful reviews is to keep the emotion out of it.


They never have and never will. You don’t have to believe me, just ask your friendly nerdy scientists or psychologist friend.

So how do you spot a fake?

*If a review is way over or undercooked, you’ve likely got a glorified fake on your hands. An awful review could very well be from the competition, someone having a bad hair day, or even someone that is pissed at the individual behind the product or person personally. It’s cut-throat in the review world, particularly when it comes to digital books, but that’s a whole different article.

This happens more that you’d like to think particularly in the big bad world of online books.

*The review is done by a Yahoo with no history. Chances are pretty good this one has been fabricated. People will open up various fraudulent accounts for the purpose of bashing hard work. Amazon is one company that keeps pretty good control over this, but most other platforms place no restrictions on how many accounts you create. Unfortunately there are a whole whack of badasses in the universe that screw it up for the rest of us.

*When the review is too freakin vague it’s probably fake. If it’s not giving you useful specific information to help you decide whether you’re going to make the purchase or not there’s really no use. The purpose of a review is to provide useful information about the product or service that will help other people decide whether they should buy it or hit the road. They are not meant to bash or go after the creator, that’s just totally unnecessary and unprofessional.

*When you read a review that’s just about the minimum characters to qualify, your spidey senses should tell you it’s likely not genuine.

*If there’s too much exact specific information down to the product number that’s gotta raise flags. This could be a professional reviewer or someone from the company tooting their own horn.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rules. There are some people that have nothing better to do than purchase items, research them, and yes, write long complicated reviews. Makes you shake your head a few times.

Could be worse I suppose…

The Magical Key?

Don’t base your opinion on just one or two reviews. You’re best to read a handful at least, look at the best and the worst ones and let them neutralize or cancel each other out. Trust your gut. If a review sounds and feels genuine, open your mind to the likelihood that it is. Or you can use great service providers like ovsem, seo company or seo services which are all pretty good.

Makes you feel all twinkly inside doesn’t it?

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No Limitations Social Media if You’re Prissy Loaded

ASmall World Redefines Exclusive

Can Privacy Be Bought?

The specialty invitation only, social network for the filthy rich, ASmall World, at first launch seemed to flounder under the influence of gynormously successful MySpace.

ASmall World did a clean sweep through their members and trashed the trashy rich and famous like Tiger Woods and Lindsey Lohan, to start with a fresh new direction. Now who’s to say who really ditch who, but losing those two can’t be negative. Wouldn’t it be really interesting to actually get the full list of members? But that’s never going to happen because…

The focus is on TRUST. Ha…are you kidding me? Trust online among the rich and famous, born to back-stab, where enough is never enough? Celebs have paid the ultimate price of losing their privacy, and trust issues evolve instantaneously when there’s oodles of money floating around. Everybody wants a piece of the pie right? Greed, deception, manipulation, and blackmail are all part of the game. So when an ego-pumping exclusive to the stars club sends out select specialty invites to a star studded lineup, with the pitch of exclusiveness and trust, wealthy heads turn.

Trust is Often Way Too Hard to Come By

In March, ASmall World got rid of the worse of the bad apples in this elite superior beings group, at least they think so, to make room for a clean platform where everybody loves each other and wins.

This online enterprise is all about offering exclusive discounts and access to the top material products, vacations, and resorts extraordinaire, with VIP everything including limousine services and free passes to the front of the line in all the top-notch happening clubs.

Believe it or not there are some Elite clubs that pick and choose from the master celebrity lineup.

The company with a vision recently invited chosen celebrity members to join, pitching the TRUST factor for selling. Add to that exclusive deals on fashion, travel and elite luxury items, a supposed win-win for everybody.

If that’s not enough, each members is offered a week holiday at a Caribbean luxury resort yet to be opened, a 5-star Kittitian Hill Resort with all the bells and whistles.

Do these people REALLY need a free vacation worth more than my year’s mortgage?

Of course there’s a catch, the “admin” charge. Not specified publicly this teeny-tiny but necessary yearly administration cost makes it possible for all of these too-good-to-be-true deals to be offered. Any guesses on what this minor fee is? Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s somewhere in the 4 digit zone.

Sort of like a right of passage I guess. If you aren’t willing to dish out the magic number then you don’t belong in this created-for-the-rich-and-well-to-do-famous. Everybody wants what they don’t have. And can you imagine a lunatic raging the administration is bound to get from the exclusive A-List celebs that don’t get the invite but feel they are entitled to it? Yikes, betcha there are some naughty words tossed around in these discussion.

Hmmm…Brilliant idea but what makes them think this time around it’s going to fly? I for one don’t trust them.

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Calling All Target Shoppers…Please Leave Pistols at Home

Common Sense Shoppers Gone By the Wayside

What? Family and Guns Don’t Mix?

When I think about shopping I dream of dirt cheap discounted jeans, cheap cribs and baby accessories, definitely not wondering about those big bulges in random strangers pants. That was until now!

Can you believe Target felt the need to publicly inform people not to bring loaded guns with them when shopping at Target?

The CEO John Mulligan stated, “This is a complicated issues, but it boils down to a simple belief: Bringing firearms to Target creates an environment that is at odds with the family-friendly shopping and work experience we strive to create.”

Attention all Target shoppers. Please check all your guns in at the gun-check before entering the store. Before exiting hand your ticket in at the ticket counter to retrieve your piece. You’re reminded to PLEASE double check the safety is on. Thank-you for your cooperation and enjoy shopping at Target. Bestipedia and barterfox reviews sites all over the world so make sure you check it out.

Are you f-in kidding me?

Guns and kids DO NOT MIX! They never have and never will. Problem is nobody is taking real action against this. Simply set up the security and police authority to NOT ALLOW this to happen. The same sort of thing you do at airports if you have to. Don’t you think that if people knew they could shop peacefully 100% secure, at least from guns, that would trigger more to walk through the doors?

This is Targets responsibility to set up and pay for. Consider it an operating cost. Heck, they could probable get funding support from various local charities because the cause is near and dear to everyone.

Who the hell brings a freakin gun to shop at Target? A flippin moron that’s who.

A spokesperson clarified this message to shoppers, was a “request and not a prohibition!” Are they that afraid of their customers? How can anyone think of this as an unreasonable request?

Simple – If you feel the need to showcase what’s in your pocket, don’t shop at target, guns are NOT allowed. They are unsafe and unnecessary. The last thing Target needs is a gun-fight to break out with innocent casualties.

Moms Demand Actions for Gun Sense are tickled pink with this announcement, triggering Starbucks and Chipotle to follow suite. It took 400,000 signatures to convince Target to proceed.

Sad to say, some posted pictures on Facebook of mothers leading their kids through Target with guns, but on a happier note most of those photos have been removed.

Why should you have to worry about guns when heading out on a shopping excursion with your kids? For those women in the Facebook photos, they should be ashamed, although they likely don’t give a crap the message they are teaching their children is WRONG!

How about everyone play on a level field, no guns, just talk and open communication. A dream scenario but every dream has the ability to turn reality, only if you truly believe and act accordingly.

Dare to dream with me?

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Big Cats Like Shopping Too

Sad Ending to Wild Parking Lot Party

Everything Done Right but it Still Went All Wrong

When you think of shopping you probably start dreaming about getting fantastic deals on quality shoes, clothing, and apparel. Most hit the malls to get social and perhaps nurse their low self-esteem clouded with emotional issues, tentatively back toward good health.

It’s not very often you ponder a ferocious beastly mountain lion with a shopping center.

It’s reported a mountain lion was roaming freely around a shopping mall parking lot in Sandy, Utah, and was shot with a tranquilizer to deter it from harming customers.

Makes sense right?

Eyewitnesses stated they initially thought it was just a big dog, but eventually it clicked that most dogs aren’t that large, and dogs legally need a leash. Well this big cat didn’t have a leash – which of course it technically should and didn’t because it’s a rustic wild animal!

Are You Seriously Going to Question the Hero Professional Trying to Protect the Public?

Apparently the first officer failed in his mission and missed with his shot. Eventually the big cat was hit with the plan of tranquilizing it and releasing it back into the wild. Of course the officer was questioned about his “off” shot and the public safety of the people nearby. The response was he is a highly skilled expert shooter that at no time put the public safety in jeopardy.

He was trying to protect the people by taking down this wild and unpredictable animal. You’ve got to trust him to eventually get the job done right. Unless someone else was willing to step up to the plate I don’t think there should have been any questioning whatsoever.

Wild Beast and Social Just Don’t Mix

After pondering this scenario for a few minutes, it makes you wonder why a creature so primitive would even want to wander within the unknown. Big cats are typically creatures of habit and public places usually aren’t their cup of tea, or milk if you will.

Unfortunately this was a deep sleep this kitty never rose from. The big cat died shortly afterward because of the tranquilizer. Experts say this can happen, and there really isn’t anything we can do about that. I’m sure the actual dosage of the tranquilizer was a rush decision, and of course the size and weight of the cat was a guesstimate. Most wild animals aren’t willing to take a time-out to step on the scale and have a blood test run to check for and pre-existing conditions.

The public safely was at risk and the cat had to be brought down. Nobody meant for it to die, but it does happen on occasion. Life can be cruel sometimes.

The tribune reports there was likely something “wrong” with the big cat for it to be wandering around such a populated area. 1+1= 3 here.

A sad story that now adds one more element to think about when heading to the local shopping center, at least in Utah. Keep your eyes peeled for large cats roaming freely. If you spot one next time you’re shopping in Utah, DO NOT get close enough to see if it’s sporting a collar.

The smart move is to get into the shopping mall fast and start spending your money!

All for your own safety of course!

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Even Evil Shady Iraqi Leader Likes to Shop!

Nothin Wrong with a Little Bling

Religion and Bling Don’t Mix

Since when do prophet Muhammad worshipping leaders showcase “pretty and pricy” luxury items? The story goes, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, sly leader of the jihadist groups who’s established forced control over most of Iraq and the self-nominated and sworn in lead of world Muslims, appeared publicly and was jumped on for wearing what looked like a $6,000 fashion watch.

Not literally or there would have been a few heads chopped off. Followers did question what they saw after they were safely away from the venue.

Worse was the slip of his sleeve that happened during Friday prayers that took place in a Mosul mosque.
Followers are wondering exactly what he was wearing, how much it cost, and where he got the money from?

Are his followers really that naïve? Every freakin cent the followers “give” or have taken, goes directly into this man’s hands to be dispersed as HE see’s fit. If he thinks he’d like a nice new fancy-dancy watch, that’s what he gets!

FACT: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has a militia considered “the world’s richest terrorist group,” that probably has at least half a billion bucks from Mosul’s bank alone.

To his defense it really is a heck of a lot of speculation. Upon blowup inspection the watch doesn’t quite look like an Omega Seamaster, which is the six grand watch some critics voiced was on his wrist. Doesn’t look similar enough to a steel Rolex either. More likely it’s some sort of knockoff, or maybe a Sekonda, which only sets you back about 85 bucks!

To top things off the oh-so-truthful Iraqi government denies the photo is even the leader himself. But why should they get the facts straight on this one, they always seem to conveniently mix the facts up on the ISIS leaders anyway.

It’s not like it’s illegal for such a prestigious and powerful leader to own a watch. I’m sure what he’s got on under that fancy black robe would surprise a lot of people, never mind what he’s got stashed in his hidden jewelry chest.

Clearly this little discrepancy in accessories doesn’t fit well with his religious-political powerhouse image.
And how is that whoever the Muslim people leader is, that he, because women are inferior obedient doormats in this religion, never have to justify their actions?

They obviously have the power to do whatever the hell they want and get away with it because they overtly showcase their cruel and merciless acts, scaring the living shit out of all Muslims. It’s called forced acceptance.

“Because I said so” works every time.

I can’t help but wonder if this watch-flashing was done purposely. Just to get people questioning him, giving their leader a reason to chop off someone’s head to slam him point home.

Al-Baghdadi is the leader of the Muslim world whereby he can do whatever the hell he likes, regardless of the religious-political conflict of his actions, including wearing pretty, sparkly, and expensive luxury items.

Perhaps his beautiful showcase was won in an online contest, or just a gift from one of his brainwashed followers?

Guilty until proven innocent right?

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New Way of Shopping with Bitcoin!

Today its never been easier to shop online, with bitcoin. Not only is bitcoin a currency a growing currency in recent years. It can be used on multiple sites.

This video above explains bitcoin in full detail and gives insights into why this new model of currency may become the worlds currency. This is one of the best explanations i have found online of the new world currency hopefully one day it can be used everywhere, as a currency that runs on scarcity will not only go up in value with new demand, but may end the problem of inflation throughout the world.

New exchanges are popping up all over the world for example the barterfox which is based in Australia. It seems to be a lot of positives to this new currency according to the video, watch to find out more!

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